Arab in America: Status Update 1

// December 17th, 2008 // Making Arab

I know a lot of people have been wondering where the project currently stands instead of sifting through all the history of how the film started…  To oblige those folks (and you can stop emailing me about it, now…), Arab in America, as the feature, has been passed on by many big studios…  We’ve gotten really close (SUPER CLOSE) many, many times (damn writers strike)…  We then decided to shoot the film independently and sought independent investors to fund the film…  and we also got ridiculously close a number of times with that route, too…  Anyway, after all those options proceeded to dry up, we decided to rewrite the entire script to make it more relevant for today…  And we’re still rewriting.

The whole project feels old and the subject matter isn’t nearly as pertinent today as it was when the project was first concieved.  It’s definitely still a good idea for a film, but the approach that we applied to the script a year and a half ago doesn’t still hold up today, so we need to take the project in a new direction.

This blog is kind of an outlet for us to pour our experiences out there and reflect out loud where we are and what to do next.  In the following weeks/months you’ll learn in detail about all of those close “studio and investor” calls and perhaps what we could have done differently if we could go back and do it all over again…

We’re currently getting the short (DVD) to be sold on and when the DVD is finalized (with commentary track, of course!) we’ll let you guys know!  Anyway, thanks again for your continued interest in Arab in America please keep checking back to the blog for more information.

Despite the feelings of some of the crew members (and I totally understand their frustration), Arab in America has NEVER been dead to me and it will still be a project of mine for a long time to come.


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2 Responses to “Arab in America: Status Update 1”

  1. Ricky Day says:

    Thank you for the update. I have sifted through the other posts and this one really sums it all up.

    I am ever thankful to have been a part of this and look forward to seeing Arab through to completion.

    If nothing else you’ve got a south georgia policeman standing behind you and supporting.

    I was in a training class in north Georgia recently and it was filled with police officers from all over the state. One of the topics was homeland security. I suggested the youtube posting of the trailer to the instructor as an after break wake up, and all the police loved the clip. They all wanted to know when the movie was coming out and how they could get a copy of it. I told them I would keep them posted and told them to check out as well.

    Best of luck to you and if I can ever be of any help in any fashion, please don’t hesitate to call me.

    Thanks and keep on keeping on,

    Ricky Day

  2. Mike Brubaker says:

    I think this year will bring some Great things for the guys of AIA. Keep the chin up, look forward, and your efforts will prevail. At least that’s what the fortune said.
    Seriously, I think it was a smart move to do an over haul on the script. A lot has happened…or not happened in the time of its conception. Make the main character black, and have him run for president. That’s about the best advice I can give you. That, and stay true to your conceit in times of adversity.
    All the best, and always rooting for ya.

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