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Y'all Rawk!

Y'all Rawk!

I just wanted to thank everyone for voting in the Link TV One Nation Many Voices Film Competition!  We have OFFICIALLY made it as a finalist!  Thanks to your hard work, we’ll be judged against 24 the other top films for the top spot!

We wouldn’t have made it this far without all your hard voting work and I just wanted to let you guys know that we’re indebted to you all!  If you need anything – let us know.

(Colin is good at doing dishes, Tim is good at changing tires, Tom likes to vaccum, and Mike is good at looking important!)

Look out in March when they declare the winners!  Hopefully Arab in America will be on television!  Yay!



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We Can Do It!!!

We Can Do It!!!

I know you guys are really sick of all my posts about this Film Contest, but something’s happening…  I don’t know if it was my last post, or if it was the amazing prowess of one of our dedicated fans, but Arab in America is now 3 places away from making it into the FINALS!!!  I don’t know how we jumped 20 films in less than a day, but it happened, and it’s AMAZING!!!

We are so close to making Arab in America a finalist in the One Nation Many Voices Film Competition!  So, please, if you haven’t voted yet, please go to and sign up to Link TV and VOTE 5 Stars!!!!

If you’d like to leave a comment, that’d be fantastic too!  I want to thank everyone who’s voted and commented so far!!!  And if you’ve already voted, you can sign up and vote again with another email address I guess (wink, wink) -OR- you can email the link to a bunch of friends and get them to do it…  We’re SOOO Close!!!  We can do it!


Tomorrow is the last day to VOTE!!!

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WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Arab in America is getting absolutely HAMMERED at the One Nation Many Voices Film Competition!!!  There are over 35 FILMS that have a better rating than ours!!!  Unless we have a really horrible film on our hands (which is highly unlikely – as you can see I’m very biased), or everyone is voting down the better films!

This Far, and No Further!

“The Line Must Be Drawn….  HERE!”

Everyone!  Please take the time to go to, register, vote 5 stars, and comment on our film!  People of the Internet…  “You’re my only hope!”