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We Can Do It!!!

We Can Do It!!!

I know you guys are really sick of all my posts about this Film Contest, but something’s happening…  I don’t know if it was my last post, or if it was the amazing prowess of one of our dedicated fans, but Arab in America is now 3 places away from making it into the FINALS!!!  I don’t know how we jumped 20 films in less than a day, but it happened, and it’s AMAZING!!!

We are so close to making Arab in America a finalist in the One Nation Many Voices Film Competition!  So, please, if you haven’t voted yet, please go to http://www.linktv.org/onenation/films/view/419 and sign up to Link TV and VOTE 5 Stars!!!!

If you’d like to leave a comment, that’d be fantastic too!  I want to thank everyone who’s voted and commented so far!!!  And if you’ve already voted, you can sign up and vote again with another email address I guess (wink, wink) -OR- you can email the link to a bunch of friends and get them to do it…  We’re SOOO Close!!!  We can do it!


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