To Watch The Short!!!

// March 28th, 2009 // Making Arab

Watch The Short Here!

Watch The Short Here!

I really want to thank the folks at State of Belief for sitting down and taking the time to discuss Arab in America with me.  It was much appreciated.  If you still haven’t seen the short film yet, you can watch the film on Youtube by Clicking Here.

And perhaps between now and my next radio interview, I’ll learn how to keep my “Ums” and “You Knows” to a minumum!

Thanks for listening!  If you missed the interview, State of Belief and Air America put all their shows online via podcast.  I’ll link to the show from here when they go up.  Thanks again!

And always, if you’re interested in helping the feature film, based on Arab in America, come to fruition, please contact me at  We have a really great feature screenplay and a comprehensive investor memorandum that goes in to further detail.


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