Colin’s history of Arab in America: The Short (Part Two)

// April 7th, 2009 // Making Arab

Let’s pick up where we left off…

This is Colin.

This is Colin.

“Tell me about that idea you had again.” I say to Nabil as we walk to the Motel.

“Well, it’s about an Arab-American guy who can’t get a job, and it’s about his struggle to make it.”

I was a little interested at this point, but still in a bad mood, owing to the fact that we were going to be stuck in Florida for the night. So, Nabil and I made it to the Motel. We checked into our tiny, smelly room with rock hard beds and fornication stained sheets. Glamorous to say the least. And that night we had the first creative meeting about the short “Arab in America.” I don’t know what exactly we spoke of, or what specific idea’s were thrown around that night… but one can surmise that a work of genius was being created in that stifling motel room.

The next morning came with the sounds of birds chirping, and rays of sunshine beaming down upon our heads. We checked out of the motel and headed over to the Shepboys to see how Nabil’s car had made out… And just when you think a day can’t get any better, we were in for a treat. We arrived to Nabil’s car in the parking lot, and see broken glass around the rear passenger side.

“What the fishsticks?!!” Nabil ejaculated. Except… he didn’t use the word “fishsticks” but you can use your imagination and fill in the expletive of your own choosing.

It’s moments like these when the comforting words of good friends can strike you to the core and move you. Words can make even the worst possible scenario seem trival and insignificant. So I chose my words to comfort Nabil very carefully.

“That sucks, dude.”

With the car fixed and the window broken, we headed back to Savannah – With no radio – Which, when you’re driving with Nabil and he is in charge of choosing the musical selection… having no radio really isn’t such a bad thing. So again, we had time to let the creative juices flow during the music-less two hour car ride. Again, who knows what was said or who came up with what idea. The point is, by the time we reached Savannah we had a story! And as we got home to our apartment we knew that this idea was a winner! We decided we must get to work on writing the script as soon as humanly possible!!

So after a nap, and leisurely dinner we did what we set out to do! Write the script!! We wrote for days… sleeping only when our bodies would shut down and we fell to the floor… we ate only when necessary, and bathed regularly… because like it says in the Qur’an… “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”… maybe not the Qur’an… but something, somewhere says it… I’m sure of it.  Anyway… we had a first draft! And it was good! I brought the funny! and Nabil brought the… the arab stuff??… no… Nabil brought something! And what he brought was good!

So now that we had a script. All we had to do was get it made…. hmmm. That should be easy right??

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