Arab in America – The Lost And Found Edit

// October 18th, 2011 // Making Arab

This is the full, fifteen minute version of Arab in America (recently discovered in wmv format sitting on an ftp server). The movie did not officially end up this way. Right before we sent the film to Cannes, we re-edited the film away from this version because we didn’t like pacing. Looking back at it four years later, I am positive that this is the best edit of Arab in America I’ve ever seen and wish we had officially released this version instead… And since we haven’t officially released the film yet, we decided to give away this gem for free until by some miracle, Five on Fifty Films gets to make the Feature Film or get the Arab Short distributed. Anyway, until then… Enjoy!

Haven’t gotten enough Arab in America?!? Watch more clips below! (including a kinda Behind the Scenes!)

Arab in America Teaser –
Arab in America Trailer –
Arab in America 5 Minute One Nation Edit –
Arab in America Behind the Scenes EPK –

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