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I Am The Bluebird: World Premiere!!!

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"Is this a dream?"

Thomas (Tommy-Tom) Verrette’s feature film, I Am The Bluebird, is premiering tonight in Atlanta, hosted by the Atlanta Film Festival!  If you guys don’t know who Tom is, he’s a co-writer of the Arab in America feature screenplay!  So if you’re in Atlanta or in St. Petersburg, FL – you can watch I Am The Bluebird!  Colin and I have been watching cuts of this film since 2007, and I can be completely honest with you when I say that it’s really fantastic.  Check out the Atlanta Film Festival & the Sunscreen Film Festival’s websites for ticketing info and directions.  Also, don’t forget to check out!

Friday, April 17th – 7:30pm
Tuesday, April 22nd – 1:00pm

Thursday, April 30th – 9:00pm


(P.S. – Look for Colin Ferri & Nabil Abou-Harb in the “Special Thanks” section of the credits!)

More Press! Providence Journal & NPR-Atlanta!!!

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Earlier today, NPR Atlanta (PBA) broadcasted a news piece on our Link TV win intercut with soundbytes from Colin Ferri and myself!  To listen to it online, check out the PBA Website here!  Also, Colin Ferri got featured in his hometown newspaper, The Providence Journal!  We hope you enjoy reading/listening to them!  Thanks again to everyone who’s covered our film, as well as tons of thanks to Link TV, One Nation For All, and Fenton Communications – especially Yasmin Hamidi for all their work in getting this contest covered and featured!


Press, Press, Blogs, & More Press!

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Saphir News: Arab in America - Front Page, Baby

Saphir News: Arab in America - Front Page, Baby

We’ve got some exciting news today!  Arab in America has now been featured on The Huffington Post, Saphir News, and The Athens Banner-Herald!  Not to mention countless and countless internet blogs!  So, for those of you who like to keep count, we’re going to link you to all the stories below!


USA Today
The Huffington Post
NPR Atlanta-PBA
The Providence Journal
Saphir News
(french translation)
Air America’s State of Belief

The Athens Banner-Herald


Yahoo Movies News
Progressive Islam
Illume Magazine
Alt Muslim

One Nation For All
Minareti (french translation)
Faisal Kutty
Queer Isn’t It?
South Florida Drifters

Beauty and the East
Political Peon
Arabesque (french translation)
Milk and Cookies
Muslim Women

And the most humbling thing out of all this coverage is Wake Forest University’s new course MLS 833, Re-imaging Islam in the West, where Arab in America will be discussed, critiqued, and debated alongside my hero’s essay/book/documentary: Jack Shaheen’s Reel Bad Arabs.  Check out the link below to go see more information on WFU’s new course.

Wake Forest University | Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Also, NPR-Atlanta interviewed Colin Ferri and I last week, so expect that interview to be coming soon, too!  If there are other links that I’ve missed, please – let me know by sending me an email!  nabouharb(a)  Thanks a bunch and keep checking back for more info!