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The History of Arab (pt.1 of many)

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Karrabba's- Good Food, Bad Tips

Karrabba's: Good Food, Bad Tips

Most of my first few posts will try to get everyone up to speed on the constant roller coaster that has been Arab in America.  We’re kind of starting this blog late in the game (over 2 years since we started the project) so there’s a lot of ground to catch up…

I can remember it like it was yesterday…  Here, lets set the scene a bit.  Close your eyes and think of Savannah, Georgia, USA.  If you’ve never been to Savannah, think of heaven, take away a little bit of beauty, add in some old, and and top it off with a horrible paper mill smell.  Anyway, it was the spring of 2006.  I had just broken up with my girlfriend and started working at an Italian Chain restaurant (lets call it Karrabba’s).  I was kind of going through a little dilemma at the time…  No, it wasn’t because I had just lost my girlfriend (I was pretty relieved about it, actually) nor was it because I was getting tired of having extra virgin olive oil spilled all over my clothes (the smell stays even after multiple showers)…