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Watch the Arab in America Short ONLINE! (and VOTE!)

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AIA at the One Nation Film Competition!

AIA at the One Nation Film Competition!

Hey guys!  A five minute edit of the Arab in America short has just been added to the One Nation Many Voices Film Competition hosted by Link TV! However, before I give you guys the direct link, I have to make a plea.

The only way to get into the semi-finals of this competition is to get a ton votes and comments. So, if you would all please, after seeing the film, vote AND comment on the film, that’d mean the world to us!

Okay, so without further ado, the 5 minute cut of the Arab in America short Film! – Tell Your Friends!

(there are some jokes and scenes that didn’t make this 5 minute cut…  don’t get sad if you don’t see your favorite part of the trailer in this edit…  the dvd is in the works and you’ll be able to get the film in its entirety, soon…  please be patient! -thanks)


Arab in America: Status Update 1

// December 17th, 2008 // 2 Comments » // Making Arab

I know a lot of people have been wondering where the project currently stands instead of sifting through all the history of how the film started…  To oblige those folks (and you can stop emailing me about it, now…), Arab in America, as the feature, has been passed on by many big studios…  We’ve gotten really close (SUPER CLOSE) many, many times (damn writers strike)…  We then decided to shoot the film independently and sought independent investors to fund the film…  and we also got ridiculously close a number of times with that route, too…  Anyway, after all those options proceeded to dry up, we decided to rewrite the entire script to make it more relevant for today…  And we’re still rewriting.



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This is Tom.

This is Tom.

Hello World.

Tom here. I am one of the writers of Arab In America. Not the short one, the long one. Or the one that’s too long. Whatever. Most of you probably don’t know of me as my involvement with the short was very limited, but I like to think I had some helpful pointers here and there. I suppose that lead me to writing here — on the ‘Making Arab In America‘ blog.

YESTERDAY, Nabil told me he had this idea to do this blog, and so here I am. This is my first blog ever. I have never once thought about starting, writing, participating, reading, loving, hating, obsessing, fantasizing, dreaming, or smearing a blog, so if it is a bit uneven, sue me. (Seriously don’t really, I’m a broke filmmaker too!) Okay! So far, so good. I feel like I can say whatever I want, and it doesn’t matter. So a blog is for venting then? A perfect place for the guys behind Arab In America!

Except for one thing. Where to start?